Village Herbal Care

Village Herbal Care is a sister company to Branching Out Natural Market and creates herbal products to support your wellness goals.  We offer various ways to purchase our products including retail and wholesale as well as through various markets/fairs/events throughout Nova Scotia.
  • If you are a retailer interested in becoming a stockist, please email us for more information on wholesale pricing and ordering.

Here is some information on what we have to offer:

Organic Loose Leaf Tea and Blends

Herbal Tea Blends ~ Naturally caffeine free

Under the weather 
A soothing blend of herbs traditionally used to support the body during cold and flu season.
Secret Garden
A pleasant blend of spearmint and botanicals. Enjoy any time of day, hot or iced.
Lemon Ginger
A stimulating blend of herbs traditionally used to aid in digestion.
A blend of herbs traditionally used to balance emotions and uplift spirits.
Calming herbs traditionally used to help induce sleep.
A blend of herbs traditionally used to ease pre-menstral symptoms.
Turmeric Tea

An earthy blend of spices traditionally used to reduce inflammation. May be brewed in water or milk of choice.

Cinnamon Rooibos
A calming blend with a bit of spice traditionally used after dinner or at bedtime.
Apple Spice
A sweet and spicy blend, just like Grandma's apple pie. May be enjoyed as a tea or mulling spice.

Caffeinated Tea Blends

A fragrant blend of Assam black tea with warming spices traditionally used to support digestion and immunity.
A fragrant blend of earl grey tea with hints lavender and lemongrass.
Green Harmony
A synergistic blend of sencha green tea balanced with spearmint and lemon.

Single Note Teas

Assam ~ Black
Tonganagaon Assam tea can be described as silky smooth with light notes of spice and malt, along with some toasty nuances.
Earl Grey ~ Black
Bergamot infused organic black tea leaves originating from India.
Rooibos ~ Herbal
Brews a deep red colour with a flavor that can be described as fruity, sweet, rounded, mild and smooth with a refreshingly herbal texture.
Sencha ~ Green
Subtly balanced, sweet and salty, with a flavor profile reminiscent of fresh cut grass and seaweed.
Jasmine ~ Green
Chinese green tea offering a fresh, floral aroma, and a pleasant taste.

Other Beverages

Hot Cacao
Traditional Drinking Chocolate ~ Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. 100% pure cacao with coconut milk and a hint of natural sweetness from maple sugar.
Custom Blends
We offer tea and beverage blends customized for your business with your name and logo. Reach out to get started!


All Natural Personal Care Products

All Natural Deodorant - zero waste
All Natural Deodorant - zero waste refill
All Natural Deodorant - conventional tube
Anti-aging Facial Balm
Therapeutic Bath Salt
Therapeutic Bath Bombs
Sensual Personal Lubricant
All Natural Hairspray

Enjoy Nature Outdoor Spray