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Branching Out - Kogi Naturals Beer Soap

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Branching Out -  Kogi Naturals Beer Soap

Founded by John Molson in Montreal in 1768, Molson's Brewery originated in a wooden building on the shores of the St. Lawrence river.  The Montreal facility is the oldest brewery in North America.  It probably never would have crossed old John's mind to bathe in it, but now, over 225 years later we've taken his wonderful ale and used it as a base for a richly foaming soap to be used on your body, face and hair.  So get ready to shower, shave and shampoo all in one bar.

Purified Water, beer, saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive, canola, shea butter, cocoa butter & castor oil and Canadian maple syrup.

Paraben, phthalate and chemical free.