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Introducing a new book by Cathy Caswell:

In this new book by Cathy Caswell, Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully; learn about her training and experience in working with the Logosynthesis® method as an effective tool to reduce stress, calm reactions and create space for success. As she neutralizes her reactions and lets go of her need to control situations, she is better able to create a productive environment at work, at home and in her community. This book outlines the process so you can start using Logosynthesis now to enjoy life more fully.

In November 2017, a survey was conducted of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches trained in the Logosynthesis® method. Results indicate that this is their preferred treatment for anxiety, depression and PTSD because of overall effectiveness, speed of work, ease of use, client comfort and targets presented issue. The method is also being used to treat burnout, anger management, loss, somatic issues and others.

Introducing Logosynthesis to help reduce stress, calm reactions and create space for success.

Life happens.

Each of us experience unique, emotional events in our life.

The combination of thought and emotion in these events freezes energy in our personal space.

These energy structures form our beliefs and fantasies and cause us to react in the present based on our past.

Logosynthesis is a unique, guided method that uses the power of words to release this frozen energy so that our Essence or life energy is available to create rather than react.

Our goal is to help each of us achieve a healthier life, regardless of our current situation, in a way to reduce our stress and the stress we place on others.

To understand it, you need to experience it and we aim to guide you along the way.