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The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Shampoo Bar

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The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Shampoo Bar
The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Shampoo Bar
The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Shampoo Bar


Peppermint Beer Shampoo

This refreshing, over-sized bar is made with moisturizing craft beer and peppermint essential oil. This terrific shampoo lathers up great and leaves hair feeling squeaky clean! Plus many hair types won't need any conditioner, either. :-)

Half-Size Bar Yield: Approximately 22 shampoos (or 6 weeks) for an adult with chin-length hair who shampoos every second day.

Ingredients (plain language): Filtered water from our brook, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, peppermint essential oil

Ingredients (INCI terminology): Aqua, ricinus communis seed oil, cocos nucifera oil,  sodium hydroxide, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, butyrospermum parkii, prunus dulcis oil, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, persea gratissima oil, mentha piperita oil


  • This rich bar is cured to last, but allow it to dry between uses and it will last even longer.
  • Option: slice ¼ inch off at a time and store the rest of the bar in a dry place until needed.
  • When you first switch to a natural shampoo it might take 7 to 10 days for the natural oils in your hair to level out . . . the results will be worth the wait, though :-)
  • Made for hair and scalp, so please avoid your eyes.
  • Peppermint may irritate delicate tissue.

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