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Branching Out - Snowy River Farms Meats

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Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats
Branching Out -  Snowy River Farms Meats

From Our Farm to Your Table

Snowy River Farms is committed to providing consumers with pasture-raised, heritage products created in a humane and ecologically friendly manner. We strive to use what nature has given us to fuel our bodies, minds, and souls. Our livestock are grass fed and are raised on non-GEO feeds so you can be comfortable knowing that we feed them only what nature provides.
Our produce and herbs are grown naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or biosolids and focus greatly on companion planting methods. 

Why Heritage?

Heritage variety livestock grow at a slower rate but are much better converters of forages, which means that the animals can be grown well on pasture without the need of grains and they produce a leaner, healthier meat.  Heritage breeds have been bred over hundreds of years to be hardy and well adapted to specific environmental conditions.  They also tend to have stronger immune systems against disease and thrive under more harsh weather systems and are best suited to be raised on pasture. Snowy River Farms take advantage of the unique characteristics that our animals and heirloom produce present to us and use it to develop the best possible goods for you and your family to enjoy!

Why Non-GMO?

Many farmers are making the switch to non-GEO based feeds with their livestock and seeing positive results in the health of their animals.  While GEO (or GMO as they are commonly called) feeds have been developed to help decrease a need for pesticide use, many people, including ourselves are not comfortable with the repercussions of such modifications. Firstly, they were developed to support monoculture which can have harmful effects on wildlife and insect populations and is not a way of farming that we wish to pursue. Secondly, they've been structured to handle less pesticide but from a stronger category that has been shown to cause cancers and many other health issues from those who apply them to those who consume the food which are treated with them. And last, but certainly not least, you have asked for the exclusions of GEO feed and since we are here to grow for you it is our pleasure to continue to keep them off of our property.


Community Supported Agriculture

How does freshly picked and locally grown, produce delivered weekly sound? Snowy River Farms is excited to be able to continue providing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to shareholders in the HRM for the 2017 growing season!

A CSA is a way of bringing farmers and communities together by having consumers purchase vegetable shares which will be replenished weekly with the most fresh, seasonal, and naturally produced vegetables and herbs available. The fee for each shareholder is broken down into two payments, with one being due in March and the other due by first delivery in June. After payments have been made you just need to stop by your nearest pickup location and a new arrangement of veggies will be waiting for you, bursting with healthy goodness, for a period of 20 weeks. The produce is as fresh as you can get as it is picked at peak maturity within 24 hours of delivery. In conventional agriculture is it near impossible to offer such an advantage.

The early payment method helps small farmers to cover some of the costs of growing the food and in turn you support local agriculture and economies, decrease transportation time which is wonderful for the environment, and you get to eat healthier too! It also lets the farmer know how much food to grow ahead of time which cuts down on wastes.

This year we are offering both a full share and half share options which are produced by our farm as well as some local farmers. 
In the past we have enlisted help from farms in the Middle Musquodoboit area to provide fresh vegetables to the CSA but this year we are back as the primary producers. While we will be doing much of the growing, we will still work with the awesome people who have helped us over the past couple of years as they have truly become part of our Snowy River family! These farmers are not new to you all, they are the same wonderful people who have been helping us out while we downgraded to spend more time raising Ayla, and growing our farm in other areas. Any farms included in the CSA will have farm profiles for you to read so that you are still able to feel good about the products you receive! We promise to hold all farmers that we are working with to the same standards that we hold.  All of meat found in the meat share is from our farm although we may be looking at doing a week or two that includes beef in which case we will carefully select a farm that carries the same attitude that we do towards animal welfare. 
Full share bags will include up to 8 vegetable items each week and the half share option includes up to 5 vegetables items. There is also the ability to separately purchase a meat share worth $15.00/week (variety of pork, lamb, and chicken) which does not require a vegetable CSA purchase in order to participate. We will also have a list of available add on products weekly that can be brought in for you if requested. We will also let you know each week what to expect in your bag.  And finally, recipes will be provided via our online CSA news letter so that you are never stuck wondering what to do with items such as kholrabi, beets, or baby curly kale. 

Overall Benefits to Joining our CSA:
  • You get to eat super fresh food with all the vitamins and nutrients
  • You are exposed to new herbs and vegetables and therefore new ways of cooking
  • You develop a relationship with the farmer who grows YOUR food and learn more about how it is grown and season availability of foods
  • You can consume varieties of vegetables which are not available at any groceries
  • You will not need to stop at the store on the way home from a busy day at work, trying to decide what to buy for supper and then have to stand in long lineups.Simply stop at your CSA pickup and enjoy!
  • You will get to consume the most flavourful tomatoes, peppers, squash, snow peas, and carrots of your life

Each full share costs $561.80 that will be made in 2 individual payments throughout the season. The half share costs $389.00 and will also be broken into 2 payments. Our season will begin in June of 2017 with the exact date to be determined as the growing season commences and we see what Mother Nature has given us to work with. Additional meat share option is $300.00 and can be purchased completely separate from the vegetable CSA.

Drop Off Locations:
We will have an evening drop off every Wednesday in Dartmouth (Manor Park) and one in Halifax (The Grainery Food Co-Op on Agricola) as well as one in Elmsdale at the Branching Out Natural Baby and Parenting Store.  We will also have a local pickup on farm and are considering a Fall River location if there is enough interest.

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