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The Soap Company of Nova Scotia - Stain Remover Bar

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The Soap Company of Nova Scotia - Stain Remover Bar

This effective stain removal bar is the perfect companion to our Choice Laundry Powder and is made with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. Why? Salt water results in a long-lasting bar that will withstand friction against different fabrics better. Plus, we have salt water in abundance practically in the front yard!

We find this bar a great travel companion, too. It's gentle on our hands and very convenient for hand washing while on the road. :-)

Plus, it's wrapped beautifully in teal tissue and parchment paper . . . lovely enough for gift-giving!

Ingredients (plain language): Salt water, vegetable shortening, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye)


  • This soap is cured to last, but allow it to allow it to dry between uses and it will last even longer.
  • Please avoid eyes.